Seleta Candidate Management Scheme

How it Works

Seleta has combined both our years of experience of monitoring candidates with real time management technologies ensuring that each candidate is monitored, informed, and supported throughout their entire programme.

Seleta supports candidates at every step of their qualification journey to ensure all candidates are fully equipped to achieve their chosen qualification at the highest level.

Throughout the programme you will have periodic “candidate reviews” with your assessor this is the first step to ensure that each candidate is monitored throughout their programme. We schedule these reviews every month for the first three months and then every two months thereafter until completion.

Seleta will schedule a review date and time by email, we are fully committed to working with candidates and employers and understand that some dates, times proposed are not suitable for business operations. Therefore, these dates can be re-scheduled to fit your business needs with no hassle.

A mixture of programme delivery methods is available to meet individual employer and candidate’s needs. We understand that downtime away from the business can affect business operations and therefore we offer these candidate reviews either via video link, face to face, on site or company premises which suits your business needs best. You can even alternate between each delivery method.

During these reviews, the assessor will discuss the work submitted, assess evidence, provide feedback and answer queries the candidate may have. To assist further the candidate, they may contact their appointed assessor for advice and guidance or submit their evidence and knowledge questions to their assessor prior their review date.

A “review form” will be completed by the assessor at each review providing details about what has been assessed and completed, including an updated action plan for their next review. This will also include their progress percentage and any additional comments for employers. Additionally, this also facilitates our monitoring and managing of each candidate’s programme. Any Issues can be quickly identified, and additional support can be offered to help each candidate achieve their timely goals. These progress reviews are emailed directly to the candidate and employer after the review is completed, keeping both the candidates and employer completely informed and supported throughout their programme.

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